Aeon On-Call Hot Water Unit

The Aeon On-Call Hot Water Unit has established itself as the best choice for providing boiling water under the sink. It has the highest water temperature at 98°C, the biggest capacity of up to 60 x 250ml cups and the best built-in safety features such as anti-flood designed tap and the provision of pressure limiting valve as part of its standard supply.

Features and Options

  • A tundish is not required
  • Wide colour range on handle
  • Lever handle
  • Extended tap body
  • Integral 24 hour, 7 day programmable timer
  • Water purifier filter (compulsory in hard water areas)

Available Models

  • Models range from small 6 cup capacity units (80 cups/hr) to larger 60 cup capacity units (110 cups/hr)
  • A programmable timer unit is also present on selected units.


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