About Us

Aeon Water Filters is a local business based in Cheltenham, Victoria which has been supplying and servicing quality drinking water solutions to households and businesses throughout Victoria for over fifteen years.
Testimonial by Andy Fothergill

Aeon has progressed from providing domestic filtration systems to now servicing a wide range of industries. Aeon is proud that it can offer its clients an affordable quality filtration system for their home or business and show genuine savings from the alternatives in the market place today.

We specialise in a wide range of affordable, state-of-the-art counter top & under bench water filtration systems, coolers (both free standing & under bench) and instant drinking hot water units, at a fraction of the cost of bottled water for both the domestic and commercial market.

Do you own a water tank? Why not discuss the options available to you with our range of UV filtration systems. These systems are ideal for use in homes, holiday homes, farms and caravans – in fact, wherever non-chlorinated water is used.


Aeon Water Filters take pride in delivering oustanding service to our clients. We are always receiving emails and letters from clients thanking us for our products and service. Please click here to view comments from satisfied Aeon Water Filters clients.

Quality Products

premium quality filtration systems and the finest available filter cartridges in AustraliaOur product range is of the highest quality, we use premium filtration systems and the finest available filter cartridges in Australia, most of them Australian made.

All of Aeon’s filtration systems are approved to Australian Standards and offer a standard 12 Month warranty with optional extended warranties available (up to 3 years total).

Aeon only uses registered qualified technicians for the installation of their systems to ensure a seamless transition and minimise any disruption to your home or business.

Ongoing Service

Some filter cartridges may require a service change every 6 or 12 monthsOnce your system has been installed, Aeon will contact you to let you know when your filter cartridge(s) is due to be changed. Some filter cartridges may require them to be changed every 6 or 12 months or an otherwise agreed timeframe. An Aeon representative will consult with you on the best-suited service arrangement for your new system.

Value for Money

Aeon will provide you with a range of purchase options and tailor a program and filtration system that best suits your needs both practically and financially. Whether that will be an outright purchase, lease or renting a system, Aeon will advise you on the most suitable option for your situation and budget.

Cost Comparison

At Aeon we are able to provide your business with a detailed quotation, and cost comparison between Aeon and your current system. This will also show projected savings over 3 years, a break-even point and on going costs to your business.

For more information on a cost comparison please click here.


The outbreak of COVID-19, Coronavirus through out Australia has presented us all with a difficult set of challenges. Rest assured, our office is open and AEON Water Filters continues to trade on a restricted basis.

AEON remains fully committed to supporting our team and our customers and are taking all precautions recommended to ensure their health and safety, including:
  • We are available for online or local click n collect orders contact free.
  • During customer services we will keep the mandatory distance, wash hands before and after the filter services and keep hand sanitiser with us when available. Victorian filtration services will be reduced to essential or emergency where health related or the system is not functioning properly. In Victoria until 1st November 2020 personal services will be reduces to essential or emergency only. We are available over the phone to talk you through any issues or explain how to resolve them.
  • The majority of our products are available to be purchased online, with videos on how to install your cartridges and other products also on the website to help you further.
  • We will be available to take your orders over the phone if you prefer or help you through any questions you might have.

At this point our inventory positions are solid with minimal impact to the supply of our products. However, this may be subject to change with limited notice.
 Thank you for your ongoing support during this challenging time, we’re all in this together.