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Next time you’re looking to buy water filters in Australia online, discover the range of cartridges and filtration systems available at Aeon Water Filters. Our filtration systems are approved to Australian Standards and come with a standard 12 month warranty, with optional extended warranties available (up to 3 years total). With one of our systems installed, you can enjoy clearer drinking water with an excellent taste and odour. Take a look at our available options on this page to find the ideal water filtration solution for your home.

Our Available Domestic Water Filter Cartridges & Systems

Aeon Water Filters is proud to offer a selection of domestic water filter cartridges and systems to suit almost any residential application. Whether you want a single undersink filter or a dual undersink filter that provides a greater level of sediment filtration, we can provide you with the system that’s right for you.

Single Undersink Filter System

Our Single Undersink Filter System features a compact housing and is a great slimline alternative to our Dual Undersink Filter System while still retaining the same approval rating. This system is ideal for reducing the presence of chlorine, chemicals and sediment in water, helping to make water crystal clear while also improving both taste and odour. Optional heavy metal removal cartridges are also available if you desire a higher level of filtration.

We recommend our Single Undersink Filter System for areas with low sediment. The domestic water filter cartridges this system uses are superior to inefficient filter jugs and ideal for a range of applications, including cooking, drinking and beverages.

Dual Undersink Filter System

If you’re looking for water filter cartridges in Australia that are capable of filtering water in high sediment areas, check out the Dual Undersink Filter System from Aeon Water Filters. This system includes all necessary filtration technology in one convenient system, reducing the amount of chlorine, chemicals and sediment and providing you with clear, great-tasting water. Heavy metal cartridges are also available as an optional extra, allowing you to filter heavy metals such as aluminium, lead and mercury. Whether you want filtered water for drinking or cooking, this twin module system is a fantastic choice.

Carbon Filtration System (CFS)

If you want to buy carbon water filters in Australia online, look no further than Aeon Water Filters’ Carbon Filtration System. This system uses a carbon filter to absorb chlorine and sediment through the filtration bed, producing water with excellent taste, odour and clarity. Our Carbon Filtration System is available in different connections, with options ranging from ¾ up to 6 inches. The carbon filters are suitable for use for domestic, commercial and industrial applications and can also be used for oil removal in certain situations.

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For more information on our range of water filter systems and water filter cartridges in Australia, contact the team at Aeon Water Filters today. Call us on (03) 9585 8866 or enquire online to learn more about our available options or request a quote for a suitable system.

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