Fluoride Reduction Filters

Premium Fluoride Reduction Filters

How can you enjoy drinking tap water when you know it’s full of fluoride and other chemicals? If you’re concerned about the water you’re putting into your body, this can be resolved by using the right type of water filter.

At Aeon Water Filters, we have Australia’s best and widest selection of fluoride reduction filters and cartridges.  Based in Cheltenham, Victoria, we offer our customers across Australia filters that will ensure they’re drinking clean and healthy water.

The Benefits of Using Fluoride Reduction Filters

Fluoride reduction filters provide a simple method of reducing fluoride in drinking water. In fact, they’re able to reduce more than 90% of fluoride that goes through the filter during its lifespan. The coral and silica sands inside these filters re-mineralise and ionise the water, helping to keep your body functioning as it should.

Substances These Filters Can Remove:

  • Fluoride
  • Chlorine
  • Chemicals
  • Heavy metals
  • Bacteria

Filter Your Drinking Water Today

Aeon Water Filters stocks many different types of fluoride reduction filters to fulfil the different requirements of all of our customers. If you have any questions about our filters, feel free to call our team in Melbourne on (03) 9585 8866 or fill out our online form.

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