Does Your Body Function Better with Filtered Water?

We all know that drinking water is good for our health. We are told most of our lives how important it is. Dehydration leads to many issues such as dry skin, dark-colored urine, fatigue, premature aging, weight gain, high cholesterol, heartburn, constipation and even urinary tract infections. Drinking enough water every day can help avoid or reduce these conditions. However, does it matter what type of water you drink? Have you ever considered the difference between tap water and filtered water? Let’s look at comparisons between tap water and filtered water and ask the question, “Does your body function better with filtered water?”

Tap Water vs. Filtered Water

Did you know that there is a difference in the type of water you can choose to drink? There is more to it than just convenience. While tap water is right there in your sink at home, there are many added ingredients you might not be aware of. For example, did you know that some tap water can contain arsenic and other unsafe minerals?

As if that is not scary enough, there are other ingredients like aluminum, which have been linked to hyperactivity, learning disabilities in children, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, skin problems and more. Another icky thing in tap water that many have been tricked into thinking is a good thing is fluoride. Some tap water has incredibly high levels of fluoride and it can lead to increase risk of dental cavities, can weaken your immune system and even can lead to accelerated aging.

These are just a few of the chemicals and other bad things found in tap water. However, pure filtered water is a different thing. Filtered tap water like that you get from a high quality filter will remove all the impurities and and give you the best, healthy water that your body needs.

Water Absorption: Tap Water vs. Filtered Water

Some people mistakenly think we get minerals from the water we drink. Actually, we should be getting our minerals from the foods we eat and we should be drinking pure water. Your body can use the water that you drink more effectively when the water is filtered first. Let’s look at this in more detail.

How Does Your Body Process Filtered Water More Effectively?

When you drink unfiltered water, your body has to work hard to process the contaminants it contains. Your body has to work like a filter to remove the harmful chemicals and organic material from the water before the water can be properly used by your body. If you drink pure water, you have already done this filtration process and your body can process the water more effectively and more quickly.

When understanding how your body processes water, we also need to understand that there are essentially, “good” and “bad” minerals. Filtered water helps clean out all the bad stuff so what is left is good for you. When we break it down though, there are very little good minerals in the water we drink, especially when compared to our daily recommended allowances. Water should be used for hydration and other health purposes, but not as a main source of minerals for healthy daily consumption.

Other Benefits to Filtered Water

As we do these comparisons, it’s important to understand some other benefits to filtered water. For one, it is the most economical choice. You will save a lot of money purchasing a quality filter for your tap water. Secondly, you get to take direct control over your water quality. Whilst most cities are required to report on their water supply quality, there is little more you can do about what comes out of your tap unless you are filtering it. It’s also very convenient. Remember how easy it is just to turn on the tap and get a glass of water? If you filter your tap water, it’s still just as easy.

Other issues like water pH levels are important and filtering creates healthy, pure water. It removes bad minerals and added chemicals but it does not react with the natural pH balance of the water. As you can see, filtered water makes more sense for our health, our budgets and our environments.

By filtering the water we drink, our body is not required to perform the additional works required to remove harmful chemicals before absorption into the body.
Obviously the easier we can make things for our body to perform its natural functions the better we feel, as the body is not run down or spending energy doing unnecessary work.

Taking the above into account, you should be left in no doubt that your body does function significantly better if filtered water is consumed rather than standard tap water.

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