Cost Comparison – Bottled Water versus Filtered Tap Water

About a year ago, there was a very revealing article in the Sydney Morning Herald – exposing the truth behind many bottled water brands. Here in Melbourne, the story is much the same.

Fresh from the mineral spring? In some cases, yes. But in others? Popular brands sold in Coles, Woolworths, Franklins and IGA, as well as petrol stations and convenience stores, are actually filtered tap water selling at ridiculously high prices.

In those cases, the cost comparison between bottled water and filtered water from the convenience of your own tap is easy. What sells directly from the water supplier (Sydney Water in the case of this report) at $2.13 for 1000 litres is being sold for $2.50 for 600ml.

Even accounting for a cost of around 15cents per unit for bottling, that’s a mark-up of more than 180,000 per cent.

Add the low cost of a water filtration system to remove unwanted chemicals and make the water truly pure and safer to drink and the mark-up on that type of bottled water product is still ridiculously high.

Then there is the environmental cost – a huge issue as an increasing number of plastic bottles clog our landfill…and our oceans.

The sensible solution, of course, is to filter your own tap water yourself, rather than pay for the same water at over-inflated prices. The savings can be huge.

Take an average single user of bottled water who might spend $10 per week on their personal hydration. The annual cost? More than $500 per year. If you compare this expense to the installation cost of a water filter (perhaps between $200-$500, depending on the model and specifications), then factor in the ongoing annual cost of the filter (between $95 – $200, depending on the quality of water filter cartridge used), it is easy to see the benefits of giving bottled water the flick.

Of course, the added benefit – on top of amazing savings – is that, with a filter, the water is available to multiple consumers in your household– at a price that is still almost certainly more affordable than the cost tallied up by a single bottled water user.

Our powerful passion for bottled water is positive in one way. It proves that Australians care about the quality of water they put into their body and shows that, for a growing number of consumers, finding an alternative to chemical-laden tap water is important.


By choosing a water filter, you have easy access to clean fresh water in the convenience of your own home (or workplace) – a long-term solution that requires minimal maintenance and one that gives great health benefits. Whether it’s a Counter Top Filter System (from $195), or a Dual Under Sink Filter System (from $393), at Aeon Water Filters, we have something to suit every budget and circumstance.

So next time you reach for a bottle of water from your supermarket shelf, think about what it is you’re really drinking – and how much it’s costing you (not to mention the planet).



Imagine saving between $200-$500 each year – simply by choosing filtered tap water over expensive bottles.

Here’s a few examples of what you might be able to do with it:

  • Take your family to the movies – popcorn included – a few times a year
  • Ladies – treat yourself to a monthly pedicure
  • Subscribe to a handful of your favourite magazines – then kick back and enjoy your quiet time (with a tall glass of cool, fresh filtered water, of course)
  • Fill your car with petrol – at least twice
  • Put it on your mortgage and reduce your interest payments
  • Join the gym to improve your fitness and good health (don’t forget to drink lots of water when you get home!)

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