How Good are Australian made Filter Cartridges

Are there any Quality Australian made water filter cartridges?

We get asked this question a lot & the answer is yes. There are Australian Made cartridges and they are good quality. At AEON Water Filters (AEON) we have been using Australian Made designer cartridges for nearly 20 years.  We have been very happy with their performance & specialty range as it allows us to to take out specific contaminants that a client needs filtered out.

Over the years we have found that our clients are becoming more educated about what is in our drinking water & the food we eat.  It has been a huge advantage to offer cartridges that take out Fluoride, Lead, Copper, Aluminium, Ammonia & Chlorine just to name a few, as well as the basic contaminants that most cartridges take out.

Clients often ask us why are Australian Made better?

Remember, supporting Australian made products from an Australian owned manufacturer keeps Australians employed which is very important to our country. We however, believe the products also need to be of world class quality and competitively priced – the Puretec designer cartridges do just that.

Apart from the extensive range of cartridges Australian Made are better because they are designed for our water and the contaminants in it. Cartridges made in other countries do take out some on these contaminants as well but not to the level or percentage that the Australian made ones do. They have been laboratory tested to find out the amount of litres they are effective for before they become ineffective.

The bottom line is still how does the quality of the product stand up to the imports. Australian Made cartridges are made out of superior materials, which contributes to the cartridge’s longevity. The cartridge casing is stronger and provides me that peace of mind that my customer will have a product that will not only last the distance but also do the job the first time. Whilst Australian Made cartridges cost more, AEON believes that they are superior to any similarly priced imports.

Our Industry is face to face with our customers every time. This means that we can explain the different cartridge options, what they do and don’t do and where they are made.

Over time I’m sure the imports will improve, so our Aussie products cannot afford to fall away. The other advantage our industry has over other retail sectors is that we are face to face with our customers every time. I certainly hope that the water filtration industry in Australia continues to make their own products as much as they can. This has given Aeon Water filters a point of difference with it’s products offering which we hope will continue for many years.

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